Thoughts on the trip ahead

Its nearly a month to go before I return back to the Somme and already I’m thinking about it already, it is almost like being stuck on a platform waiting endlessly for a train to arrive, and yet you wait because you know the Train will come. Im looking forward to returning to a piece of countryside in a foreign country that I have a incredible affection for. It has a place in my heart. Alongside the Ypres Salient which has also left an incredible and life changing impression on me, this place has given me nothing but happy and incredible blessings. It was here that my Father started to get well again after his anxiety. This area was once an area of Incredible violence and unprecedented savagery, yet now it has become a place of peace and in many ways a place to reconnect yourself to a time which seemed so innocent and hopeful.

Sir Edwin Lutyens Masterpiece, The Memorial of the Missing of The Somme

Alongside my Friends Sarah, Lucy and Shaun we will be stopping at La Boisselle, alongside the Infamous Roman Road from Albert to Bapaume, which was the axis of the main Allied Offensive from July to November 1916, the list of Villages along that road has notable infamy, Pozieres for the Australians, Courcelette for the People of Canada, and finally the Butte de Warlencourt.

Mash Valley near Ovillers,

But this will be mostly a walking trip which im really looking forward to, I have been looking at possible routes of interest all week. Im looking forward to walking on the Picardy fields once again. Im looking forward to share my knowledge too, it is one of the reasons why I see it as a Moral Obligation to make sure that the Sacrifice that my fellow Countrymen made be not in vain. Im hoping to expand my knowledge too on certain areas that i still do not fully understand yet, im hoping that as a collective we can understand the area a lot better from each other and share each others understanding of what happened. Im going to keep studying and try and pile as much in as i can.

Fricourt New Military Cemetery

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